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     This site is dedicated to recording the history of our efforts from our first trip to Bonneville through the years of racing a professional Top Fuel Dragster and back to Bonneville, 51years later.


     The little blue roadster is currently being rebuilt and updated in anticipation of returning to Bonneville in 2016, Salt and Mother Nature permitting.


     Another area I want to cover is the cars we built.  Peek Brothers built a variety of drag racing cars and a few Bonneville cars between 1968 and approximately 1981.  Since we didn't keep records of all the cars we can only estimate the number of cars we built, but it was probably in the neighborhood of 100 cars.  If you have or know someone with a verifiable Peek Brothers race car I would like to get photos, old and current to include in a gallery area.


     This site is a work in progress.  It is my intention to ultimately cover all things related to  Peek Brothers Racing.

     Bonneville, 1964 -1971

     Drag Racing, AA/FA 1972 - 1973

     Drag Racing, A/FD 1978 - 1980

     Peek Brothers Race Cars, 1970 - 1982

     Drag Racing, Our entry into Top Fuel

          Clayton Harris 1992 - 1995

          Rance McDaniel 1996 - 1997

          Tony Schumacher 1997 - 1999


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