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1971 is also short on photos.  I will relate some facts about Bonneville Roadsters and the single significant event form '71.


This year we paid attention to the engines, we actually had two and worked at making horsepower.  We had also had difficulty getting the engine above 6000 RPM but we made headway.


An interesting fact about the car is that it was efficient.  It was light weight, only about 1600 pounds and had suspension.  The efficiency was proven out by comparing the timing slip with the tattle tale needle of the tachometer, you could read the tach like a speedometer.


      Common wisdom of the day and to this date dictates solid mounted rear ends

     and often front ends as well.  With no suspension to keep the tires on the

     salt it is common to add weight or build heavy cars.  Two to three ton cars are

     not uncommon, and they still have traction problems.  I disagree strongly

     with this approach.


On the last run we made, on Friday afternoon the car was taching about 235 MPH at about the 4 1/2 Mile when a seam in the fuel tank split causing it to immediatly empty and shut the engine down.  I coasted through the 5 mile with a speed of about 212, enough to qualify for a record.


Unfortunately in those days there were not heli-arc's  in the trailer or anywhere closer than Salt Lake City.  Unable to repair the tank (gooey stuff and duct tape did no good) we said "Oh well, next year!"


Thanks to the step pan rule change, next year has not come yet.  Jerry wrote a lengthy letter to SCTA that did not garner the desired results and resulted in everyone sticking their heels in the ground.  And that's why next year, 1972 was run without our participation.


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