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It is important to realize that this is not a restoration project but a rebuild adn modernize project.  The purpose is to go racing and take care of unfinished business from the last qualifying run in 1971.

Once there were no visible signs of the white years, the first order of business was to get the driveshaft shield lowered to match the new Winters QC  driveshaft height and get the new seat made.  This was critical in keeping the roll cage from sticking up higher than would be acceptable.  Next the frame up on the jig for front and rear end replacement.  The original front axle had been molested and I refused to get stuck in "restoration" mode and reuse it because it was original.  When I look at the old straight on front photo it was obvious how aerodynamically dirty the car was.  A number of things are being changed to address that.  I don't know what the air looks like in front of the car but we intend to find out in the Darko wind tunnel.

I am a big fan of suspension on these cars.  Because of the experience I have had with the torsion bars on my street roadster I have gone with transverse bars on "Old Number Eighty Seven".  The simplicity and adjustability make it an easy choice for me.


The Winters QC is a LOT bigger than the old Halibrand but a necessary improvement for reliability.  The RPM that we expect to be able to run these days pinion and bearing speeds were a concern with the old parts.

Off the jig and mocked up at ride height.

The aluminum seat has been fabricated and new (they can't be new since there were not any originally) center body mounts and stiffeners have been welded in.  The small tubing structure was originally a tonneau support and has since been removed.


The SFI roll cage takes up a lot more room but provides safety beyond what I built in in 1966.  It also will make the tonneau opening larger than before.  I have not decided yet how I will aproach the body changes, rework the old or build a new tonneau.

The roll cage is about 4" wider at the top than the original but with helmet size and padding requirement it is what it is.

A primary goal in the project has been to keep the roll age and overall height as close to original as possible.  This 54ish measurement is only about an inch higher so I'll call it a success.

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