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We were racers and after a while with an old race car taking up valuable garage space you sometimes do the wrong thing.  You just don't know it at the time.  In 1978 we sold the Bonneville Roadster to an amature photographer in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  Well he did nothing with it and sold it to Darrell Roberts and Rick Hansen in Colorado Springs.  They ultimately split up and Rick wound up with the car.  He moved back and forth between Colorado and California and did get the car put together and ran a time or two.  In making it his car he made a lot of changes which I am sure he thought were good ideas.  It went about as fast as we had gone with the wedge engine.


Rick move back to Colorado and would up working for us at LaBac Systems for a few years until we parted company. He moved back to California again and I commented to Michael that Rick would call us someday offering the car to us.  The call came in January, 1996.  He loaded it up and delivered it the following weekend.  It sat in Michael's barn for about 15 years until we pulled it out one day and went to work.  It is amazing what you can do in a day of disassembly, cutting and grinding.


We started here!

Unbolted everything that was removable, then started cutting and grinding.

After a while with the cutting torch some bent up tubing and steel plate fell to the ground, things were looking better.

And finally we are back to something we can start over with.  Fortunately there was not any serious damage to the frame or body.

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